IiDirect offers a full line of compact satellite routers that integrate a satellite modem and IP router with TCP optimization over satellite, QoS prioritization and compression in an easily deployed, reliable one-box design.


NOTE: Please be advised that VSAT providers upgrading network to latest iDirect Evolution platform. iDirect Infinity modems will soon become absolute and need to be upgraded with new iDirect Evolution models. Any iDirect Infinity remote terminals that have not been upgraded with new iDirect Evolution models latest by end of 2013. will no longer be operable.

The iDirect Evolution platform, providing increased bandwidth availability, and even greater network stability that will improve the modem performance in poor weather conditions and/or when pushing the boundaries of footprints.

In order to be able to complete the upgrade we need all our clients who are currently using the iDirect Infiniti modems to (upgrade) exchange their equipment (to) for the Evolution type.

Please check and identify your equipment by the clearly marked face plate on the iDirect modem (eg: iDirect 3000 or 5000 Series Satellite Router). The Evolution series modems often have a silver face plate and marked with; ‘Evolution X5’ or ‘Evolution X3’ in the top right corner,  though there are other derivatives of both generations in the field.

Should you have any problems identifying your equipment or need help sourcing a replacement modem please feel free to contact ELECTROMARINA SERVICE  Sales at +30 6944812947